What's new

Version 4.4

The following are the highlights and main changes of Logging operator 4.4. For a complete list of changes and bugfixes, see the Logging operator 4.4 releases page.

New syslog-ng features

When using syslog-ng as the log aggregator, you can now use the following new outputs:

You can now use the metrics-probe() parser of syslog-ng in syslogNGFLow and SyslogNGClusterFlow. For details, see MetricsProbe.

Multitenancy with namespace-based routing

Logging operator now supports namespace based routing for efficient aggregator-level multi-tenancy.

In the project repository you can:

On a side note, nodegroup level isolation for hard multitenancy is also supported, see the Nodegroup-based multitenancy example.

Forwarder logs

Fluent-bit now doesn’t process the logs of the Fluentd and syslog-ng forwarders by default to avoid infinitely growing message loops. With this change, you can access Fluentd and syslog-ng logs simply by running kubectl logs <name-of-forwarder-pod>

In a future Logging operator version the logs of the aggregators will also be available for routing to external outputs.

Timeout-based configuration checks

Timeout-based configuration checks are different from the normal method: they start a Fluentd or syslog-ng instance without the dry-run or syntax-check flags, so output plugins or destination drivers actually try to establish connections and will fail if there are any issues , for example, with the credentials.

Add the following to you Logging resource spec:

    strategy: StartWithTimeout
    timeoutSeconds: 5

Istio support

For jobs/individual pods that run to completion, Istio sidecar injection needs to be disabled, otherwise the affected pods would live forever with the running sidecar container. Configuration checkers and Fluentd drainer pods can be configured with the label sidecar.istio.io/inject set to false. You can configure Fluentd drainer labels in the Logging spec.

Improved buffer metrics

The buffer metrics are now available for both the Fluentd and the SyslogNG based aggregators.

The sidecar configuration has been rewritten to add a new metric and improve performance by avoiding unnecessary cardinality.

The name of the metric has been changed as well, but the original metric was kept in place to avoid breaking existing clients.

Metrics currently supported by the sidecar


+# HELP node_buffer_size_bytes Disk space used [deprecated]
+# TYPE node_buffer_size_bytes gauge
+node_buffer_size_bytes{entity="/buffers"} 32253


+# HELP logging_buffer_files File count
+# TYPE logging_buffer_files gauge
+logging_buffer_files{entity="/buffers",host="all-to-file-fluentd-0"} 2
+# HELP logging_buffer_size_bytes Disk space used
+# TYPE logging_buffer_size_bytes gauge
+logging_buffer_size_bytes{entity="/buffers",host="all-to-file-fluentd-0"} 32253

Other improvements

Image and dependency updates

For the list of images used in Logging operator, see Images used by Logging operator.

Fluentd images with versions v1.14 and v1.15 are now EOL due to the fact they are based on ruby 2.7 which is EOL as well.

The currently supported image is v1.15-ruby3 and build configuration for v1.15-staging is available for staging experimental changes.