ack_response_timeout (int, optional)

This option is used when require_ack_response is true. This default value is based on popular tcp_syn_retries.

Default: 190

buffer (*Buffer, optional)


connect_timeout (int, optional)

The timeout time for socket connect. When the connection timed out during establishment, Errno::ETIMEDOUT is raised.

dns_round_robin (bool, optional)

Enable client-side DNS round robin. Uniform randomly pick an IP address to send data when a hostname has several IP addresses. heartbeat_type udp is not available with dns_round_robin true. Use heartbeat_type tcp or heartbeat_type none.

expire_dns_cache (int, optional)

Set TTL to expire DNS cache in seconds. Set 0 not to use DNS Cache.

Default: 0

hard_timeout (int, optional)

The hard timeout used to detect server failure. The default value is equal to the send_timeout parameter.

Default: 60

heartbeat_interval (int, optional)

The interval of the heartbeat packer.

Default: 1

heartbeat_type (string, optional)

The transport protocol to use for heartbeats. Set “none” to disable heartbeat. [transport, tcp, udp, none]

ignore_network_errors_at_startup (bool, optional)

Ignore DNS resolution and errors at startup time.

keepalive (bool, optional)

Enable keepalive connection.

Default: false

keepalive_timeout (int, optional)

Expired time of keepalive. Default value is nil, which means to keep connection as long as possible.

Default: 0

phi_failure_detector (bool, optional)

Use the “Phi accrual failure detector” to detect server failure.

Default: true

phi_threshold (int, optional)

The threshold parameter used to detect server faults. phi_threshold is deeply related to heartbeat_interval. If you are using longer heartbeat_interval, please use the larger phi_threshold. Otherwise you will see frequent detachments of destination servers. The default value 16 is tuned for heartbeat_interval 1s.

Default: 16

recover_wait (int, optional)

The wait time before accepting a server fault recovery.

Default: 10

require_ack_response (bool, optional)

Change the protocol to at-least-once. The plugin waits the ack from destination’s in_forward plugin.

security (*common.Security, optional)


send_timeout (int, optional)

The timeout time when sending event logs.

Default: 60

servers ([]FluentdServer, required)

Server definitions at least one is required Server

slow_flush_log_threshold (string, optional)

The threshold for chunk flush performance check. Parameter type is float, not time, default: 20.0 (seconds) If chunk flush takes longer time than this threshold, fluentd logs warning message and increases metric fluentd_output_status_slow_flush_count.

tls_allow_self_signed_cert (bool, optional)

Allow self signed certificates or not.

Default: false

tls_cert_logical_store_name (string, optional)

The certificate logical store name on Windows system certstore. This parameter is for Windows only.

tls_cert_path (*secret.Secret, optional)

The additional CA certificate path for TLS.

tls_cert_thumbprint (string, optional)

The certificate thumbprint for searching from Windows system certstore This parameter is for Windows only.

tls_cert_use_enterprise_store (bool, optional)

Enable to use certificate enterprise store on Windows system certstore. This parameter is for Windows only.

tls_ciphers (string, optional)

The cipher configuration of TLS transport.

Default: ALL:!aNULL:!eNULL:!SSLv2

tls_client_cert_path (*secret.Secret, optional)

The client certificate path for TLS

tls_client_private_key_passphrase (*secret.Secret, optional)

The client private key passphrase for TLS.

tls_client_private_key_path (*secret.Secret, optional)

The client private key path for TLS.

tls_insecure_mode (bool, optional)

Skip all verification of certificates or not.

Default: false

tls_verify_hostname (bool, optional)

Verify hostname of servers and certificates or not in TLS transport.

Default: true

tls_version (string, optional)

The default version of TLS transport. [TLSv1_1, TLSv1_2]

Default: TLSv1_2

transport (string, optional)

The transport protocol to use [ tcp, tls ]

verify_connection_at_startup (bool, optional)

Verify that a connection can be made with one of out_forward nodes at the time of startup.

Default: false

Fluentd Server


host (string, required)

The IP address or host name of the server.

name (string, optional)

The name of the server. Used for logging and certificate verification in TLS transport (when host is address).

password (*secret.Secret, optional)

The password for authentication.

port (int, optional)

The port number of the host. Note that both TCP packets (event stream) and UDP packets (heartbeat message) are sent to this port.

Default: 24224

shared_key (*secret.Secret, optional)

The shared key per server.

standby (bool, optional)

Marks a node as the standby node for an Active-Standby model between Fluentd nodes. When an active node goes down, the standby node is promoted to an active node. The standby node is not used by the out_forward plugin until then.

username (*secret.Secret, optional)

The username for authentication.

weight (int, optional)

The load balancing weight. If the weight of one server is 20 and the weight of the other server is 30, events are sent in a 2:3 ratio.

Default: 60