Authentication for syslog-ng outputs


GRPC-based outputs use this configuration instead of the simple tls field found at most HTTP based destinations. For details, see the documentation of a related syslog-ng destination, for example, Grafana Loki.



Authentication settings. Only one authentication method can be set. Default: Insecure

adc (*ADC, optional)

Application Default Credentials (ADC).

alts (*ALTS, optional)

Application Layer Transport Security (ALTS) is a simple to use authentication, only available within Google’s infrastructure.

insecure (*Insecure, optional)

This is the default method, authentication is disabled (auth(insecure())).

tls (*GrpcTLS, optional)

This option sets various options related to TLS encryption, for example, key/certificate files and trusted CA locations. TLS can be used only with tcp-based transport protocols. For details, see TLS for syslog-ng outputs and the documentation of the AxoSyslog syslog-ng distribution.




target-service-accounts ([]string, optional)