Custom Resource Definitions

This document contains detailed information about the Custom Resource Definitions that the Logging operator uses.

You can find example yamls in our GitHub repository.

Namespace separation

A logging pipeline consist of two types of resources.

  • Namespaced resources: Flow, Output, SyslogNGFlow, SyslogNGOutput
  • Global resources: ClusterFlow, ClusterOutput, SyslogNGClusterFlow, SyslogNGClusterOutput

The namespaced resources are only effective in their own namespace. Global resources are cluster wide.

You can create ClusterFlow, ClusterOutput, SyslogNGClusterFlow, and SyslogNGClusterOutput resources only in the controlNamespace, unless the allowClusterResourcesFromAllNamespaces option is enabled in the logging resource. This namespace MUST be a protected namespace so that only administrators can access it.

Available CRDs