Concat Filter


Fluentd Filter plugin to concatenate multiline log separated in multiple events.



continuous_line_regexp (string, optional)

The regexp to match continuous lines. This is exclusive with n_lines.

flush_interval (int, optional)

The number of seconds after which the last received event log is flushed. If set to 0, flushing is disabled (wait for next line forever).

keep_partial_key (bool, optional)

If true, keep partial_key in concatenated records

Default: False

keep_partial_metadata (string, optional)

If true, keep partial metadata

key (string, optional)

Specify field name in the record to parse. If you leave empty the Container Runtime default will be used.

multiline_end_regexp (string, optional)

The regexp to match ending of multiline. This is exclusive with n_lines.

multiline_start_regexp (string, optional)

The regexp to match beginning of multiline. This is exclusive with n_lines.

n_lines (int, optional)

The number of lines. This is exclusive with multiline_start_regex.

partial_cri_logtag_key (string, optional)

The key name that is referred to concatenate records on cri log

partial_cri_stream_key (string, optional)

The key name that is referred to detect stream name on cri log

Default: stream

partial_key (string, optional)

The field name that is the reference to concatenate records

partial_metadata_format (string, optional)

Input format of the partial metadata (fluentd or journald docker log driver)( docker-fluentd, docker-journald, docker-journald-lowercase)

partial_value (string, optional)

The value stored in the field specified by partial_key that represent partial log

separator (*string, optional)

The separator of lines. (default: “\n”)

stream_identity_key (string, optional)

The key to determine which stream an event belongs to.

timeout_label (string, optional)

The label name to handle events caused by timeout.

use_first_timestamp (bool, optional)

Use timestamp of first record when buffer is flushed.

Default: False

use_partial_cri_logtag (bool, optional)

Use cri log tag to concatenate multiple records

use_partial_metadata (string, optional)

Use partial metadata to concatenate multiple records

Example Concat filter configurations

kind: Flow
  name: demo-flow
    - concat:
        partial_key: "partial_message"
        separator: ""
        n_lines: 10
  selectors: {}
    - demo-output

Fluentd config result:

<filter **>
  @type concat
  @id test_concat
  key message
  n_lines 10
  partial_key partial_message