VMware LogInsight


VMware LogInsight output plugin for Fluentd. For details, see https://github.com/vmware/fluent-plugin-vmware-loginsight.

Example output configurations

    scheme: https
    ssl_verify: true
    port: 9543
	- log
	- msg
	- message
    http_conn_debug: false



Send your logs to VMware LogInsight

agent_id (string, optional)

agent_id generated by your LI

Default: 0

authentication (*string, optional)

Type of authentication to use (nil,basic)

Default: nil

buffer (*Buffer, optional)


ca_file (*secret.Secret, optional)


config_param (map[string]string, optional)

Rename fields names

Default: {“source” => “log_source”}

flatten_hashes (*bool, optional)

Flatten hashes to create one key/val pair w/o losing log data

Default: true

flatten_hashes_separator (string, optional)

Separator to use for joining flattened keys

Default: _

http_conn_debug (bool, optional)

If set, enables debug logs for http connection

Default: false

http_method (string, optional)

HTTP method (post)

Default: post

host (string, optional)

VMware Aria Operations For Logs Host ex. localhost

log_text_keys ([]string, optional)

Keys from log event whose values should be added as log message/text to VMware Aria Operations For Logs. These key/value pairs won’t be expanded/flattened and won’t be added as metadata/fields.

Default: [“log”, “message”, “msg”]

max_batch_size (int, optional)

Number of bytes per post request

Default: 4000000

password (*secret.Secret, optional)


path (string, optional)

VMware Aria Operations For Logs ingestion api path ex. ‘api/v1/events/ingest’

Default: api/v1/events/ingest

port (int, optional)

VMware Aria Operations For Logs port ex. 9000

Default: 80

raise_on_error (bool, optional)

Raise errors that were rescued during HTTP requests?

Default: false

rate_limit_msec (int, optional)

Simple rate limiting: ignore any records within rate_limit_msec since the last one

Default: 0

request_retries (int, optional)

Number of retries

Default: 3

request_timeout (int, optional)

http connection ttl for each request

Default: 5

ssl_verify (*bool, optional)

SSL verification flag

Default: true

scheme (string, optional)

HTTP scheme (http,https)

Default: http

serializer (string, optional)

Serialization (json)

Default: json

shorten_keys (map[string]string, optional)

Keys from log event to rewrite for instance from ‘kubernetes_namespace’ to ‘k8s_namespace’ tags will be rewritten with substring substitution and applied in the order present in the hash. Hashes enumerate their values in the order that the corresponding keys were inserted, see: https://ruby-doc.org/core-2.2.2/Hash.html

Default: { ‘kubernetes_’:‘k8s_’, ’namespace’:’ns’, ’labels_’:’’, ‘_name’:’’, ‘hash’:’’, ‘container’:’’ }

username (*secret.Secret, optional)