Supported Plugins

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ConcatfiltersFluentd Filter plugin to concatenate multiline log separated in multiple events.GA2.5.0
DedotfiltersConcatenate multiline log separated in multiple eventsGA1.0.0
Exception DetectorfiltersException DetectorGA0.0.14
Enhance K8s MetadatafiltersFluentd output plugin to add extra Kubernetes metadata to the events.GA2.0.0
Geo IPfiltersFluentd GeoIP filterGA1.3.2
GrepfiltersGrep events by the valuesGAmore info
Kubernetes Events TimestampfiltersFluentd Filter plugin to select particular timestamp into an additional fieldGA0.1.4
ParserfiltersParses a string field in event records and mutates its event record with the parsed result.GAmore info
PrometheusfiltersPrometheus Filter Plugin to count Incoming RecordsGA2.0.2
Record ModifierfiltersModify each event record.GA2.1.0
Record TransformerfiltersMutates/transforms incoming event streams.GAmore info
StdoutfiltersPrints events to stdoutGAmore info
SumoLogicfiltersSumo Logic collection solution for KubernetesGA2.3.1
Tag NormaliserfiltersRe-tag based on log metadataGA0.1.1
ThrottlefiltersA sentry plugin to throttle logs. Logs are grouped by a configurable key. When a group exceeds a configuration rate, logs are dropped for this group.GA0.0.5
Amazon ElasticsearchoutputsFluent plugin for Amazon ElasticsearchTesting2.4.1
Azure StorageoutputsStore logs in Azure StorageGA0.2.1
BufferoutputsFluentd event bufferGAmode info
Amazon CloudWatchoutputsSend your logs to AWS CloudWatchGA0.14.2
DatadogoutputsSend your logs to DatadogTesting0.14.1
ElasticsearchoutputsSend your logs to ElasticsearchGA5.1.1
FileoutputsOutput plugin writes events to filesGAmore info
FormatoutputsSpecify how to format output record.GAmore info
Format rfc5424outputsSpecify how to format output record.GAmore info
ForwardoutputsForwards events to other fluentd nodes.GAmore info
Google Cloud StorageoutputsStore logs in Google Cloud StorageGA0.4.0
GelfoutputsOutput plugin writes events to GELFTesting1.0.8
HttpoutputsSends logs to HTTP/HTTPS endpoints.GAmore info
KafkaoutputsSend your logs to KafkaGA0.17.5
Amazon Kinesis FirehoseoutputsFluent plugin for Amazon KinesisTesting3.4.2
Amazon Kinesis StreamoutputsFluent plugin for Amazon KinesisGA3.4.2
LogDNAoutputsSend your logs to LogDNAGA0.4.0
LogZoutputsStore logs in LogZ.ioGA0.0.21
Grafana LokioutputsTransfer logs to LokiGA1.2.17
NewRelic LogsoutputsSend logs to New Relic LogsGA1.2.1
OpenSearchoutputsSend your logs to OpenSearchGA1.0.5
Alibaba Cloud StorageoutputsStore logs the Alibaba Cloud Object Storage ServiceGA0.0.2
RedisoutputsSends logs to Redis endpoints.GA0.3.5
Amazon S3outputsStore logs in Amazon S3GA1.6.1
Splunk HecoutputsFluent Plugin Splunk Hec ReleaseGA1.2.9
SQSoutputsOutput plugin writes fluent-events as queue messages to Amazon SQSTestingv2.1.0
SumoLogicoutputsSend your logs to SumologicGA1.8.0
SyslogoutputsOutput plugin writes events to syslogGA0.9.0.rc.8