LoggingSpec defines the desired state of Logging

allowClusterResourcesFromAllNamespaces (bool, optional)

Allow configuration of cluster resources from any namespace. Mutually exclusive with ControlNamespace restriction of Cluster resources

clusterDomain (*string, optional)

Cluster domain name to be used when templating URLs to services .

Default: “cluster.local.”

configCheck (ConfigCheck, optional)

ConfigCheck settings that apply to both fluentd or syslog-ng. Can be overridden on the fluentd / syslog-ng level.

controlNamespace (string, required)

Namespace for cluster wide configuration resources like ClusterFlow and ClusterOutput. This should be a protected namespace from regular users. Resources like fluentbit and fluentd will run in this namespace as well.

defaultFlow (*DefaultFlowSpec, optional)

Default flow for unmatched logs. This Flow configuration collects all logs that didn’t matched any other Flow.

enableRecreateWorkloadOnImmutableFieldChange (bool, optional)

EnableRecreateWorkloadOnImmutableFieldChange enables the operator to recreate the fluentbit daemonset and the fluentd statefulset (and possibly other resource in the future) in case there is a change in an immutable field that otherwise couldn’t be managed with a simple update.

errorOutputRef (string, optional)

GlobalOutput name to flush ERROR events to

flowConfigCheckDisabled (bool, optional)

Disable configuration check before applying new fluentd configuration.

flowConfigOverride (string, optional)

Override generated config. This is a raw configuration string for troubleshooting purposes.

fluentbit (*FluentbitSpec, optional)

FluentbitAgent daemonset configuration. Deprecated, will be removed with next major version Migrate to the standalone NodeAgent resource

fluentd (*FluentdSpec, optional)

Fluentd statefulset configuration. For details, see the Fluentd configuration reference.

globalFilters ([]Filter, optional)

Global filters to apply on logs before any match or filter mechanism.

loggingRef (string, optional)

Reference to the logging system. Each of the loggingRefs can manage a fluentbit daemonset and a fluentd statefulset.

nodeAgents ([]*InlineNodeAgent, optional)

InlineNodeAgent Configuration Deprecated, will be removed with next major version

skipInvalidResources (bool, optional)

Whether to skip invalid Flow and ClusterFlow resources

syslogNG (*SyslogNGSpec, optional)

Syslog-NG statefulset configuration. For details, see the syslogNG configuration reference.

watchNamespaceSelector (*metav1.LabelSelector, optional)

WatchNamespaceSelector is a LabelSelector to find matching namespaces to watch as in WatchNamespaces

watchNamespaces ([]string, optional)

Limit namespaces to watch Flow and Output custom resources.


labels (map[string]string, optional)

Labels to use for the configcheck pods on top of labels added by the operator by default. Default values can be overwritten.

strategy (ConfigCheckStrategy, optional)

Select the config check strategy to use. DryRun: Parse and validate configuration. StartWithTimeout: Start with given configuration and exit after specified timeout. Default: DryRun

timeoutSeconds (int, optional)

Configure timeout in seconds if strategy is StartWithTimeout


LoggingStatus defines the observed state of Logging

configCheckResults (map[string]bool, optional)

Result of the config check. Under normal conditions there is a single item in the map with a bool value.

fluentdConfigName (string, optional)

Available in Logging operator version 4.5 and later. Name of the matched detached fluentd configuration object.

problems ([]string, optional)

Problems with the logging resource

problemsCount (int, optional)

Count of problems for printcolumn

syslogNGConfigName (string, optional)

Available in Logging operator version 4.5 and later. Name of the matched detached SyslogNG configuration object.

watchNamespaces ([]string, optional)

List of namespaces that watchNamespaces + watchNamespaceSelector is resolving to. Not set means all namespaces.


Logging is the Schema for the loggings API

(metav1.TypeMeta, required)

metadata (metav1.ObjectMeta, optional)

spec (LoggingSpec, optional)

status (LoggingStatus, optional)


LoggingList contains a list of Logging

(metav1.TypeMeta, required)

metadata (metav1.ListMeta, optional)

items ([]Logging, required)


DefaultFlowSpec is a Flow for logs that did not match any other Flow

filters ([]Filter, optional)

flowLabel (string, optional)

globalOutputRefs ([]string, optional)

includeLabelInRouter (*bool, optional)

outputRefs ([]string, optional)