Azure Storage

Azure Storage output plugin for Fluentd


Azure Storage output plugin buffers logs in local file and upload them to Azure Storage periodically. More info at


Output Config

auto_create_container (bool, optional)

Automatically create container if not exists

Default: true

azure_cloud (string, optional)

Available in Logging operator version 4.5 and later. Azure Cloud to use, for example, AzurePublicCloud, AzureChinaCloud, AzureGermanCloud, AzureUSGovernmentCloud, AZURESTACKCLOUD (in uppercase). This field is supported only if the fluentd plugin honors it, for example,

azure_container (string, required)

Your azure storage container

azure_imds_api_version (string, optional)

Azure Instance Metadata Service API Version

azure_object_key_format (string, optional)

Object key format

Default: %{path}%{time_slice}_%{index}.%{file_extension}

azure_storage_access_key (*secret.Secret, optional)

Your azure storage access key Secret

azure_storage_account (*secret.Secret, required)

Your azure storage account Secret

azure_storage_sas_token (*secret.Secret, optional)

Your azure storage sas token Secret

buffer (*Buffer, optional)


format (string, optional)

Compat format type: out_file, json, ltsv (default: out_file)

Default: json

path (string, optional)

Path prefix of the files on Azure

slow_flush_log_threshold (string, optional)

The threshold for chunk flush performance check. Parameter type is float, not time, default: 20.0 (seconds) If chunk flush takes longer time than this threshold, fluentd logs warning message and increases metric fluentd_output_status_slow_flush_count.