FluentdSpec defines the desired state of Fluentd

affinity (*corev1.Affinity, optional)

annotations (map[string]string, optional)

bufferStorageVolume (volume.KubernetesVolume, optional)

BufferStorageVolume is by default configured as PVC using FluentdPvcSpec volume.KubernetesVolume

bufferVolumeArgs ([]string, optional)

bufferVolumeImage (ImageSpec, optional)

bufferVolumeMetrics (*Metrics, optional)

bufferVolumeResources (corev1.ResourceRequirements, optional)

compressConfigFile (bool, optional)

configCheckAnnotations (map[string]string, optional)

configCheckResources (corev1.ResourceRequirements, optional)

configReloaderImage (ImageSpec, optional)

configReloaderResources (corev1.ResourceRequirements, optional)

dnsConfig (*corev1.PodDNSConfig, optional)

dnsPolicy (corev1.DNSPolicy, optional)

disablePvc (bool, optional)

enableMsgpackTimeSupport (bool, optional)

Allows Time object in buffer’s MessagePack serde more info

envVars ([]corev1.EnvVar, optional)

extraArgs ([]string, optional)

extraVolumes ([]ExtraVolume, optional)

fluentLogDestination (string, optional)

fluentOutLogrotate (*FluentOutLogrotate, optional)

FluentOutLogrotate sends fluent’s stdout to file and rotates it

fluentdPvcSpec (*volume.KubernetesVolume, optional)

Deprecated, use bufferStorageVolume

forwardInputConfig (*input.ForwardInputConfig, optional)

ignoreRepeatedLogInterval (string, optional)

Ignore repeated log lines more info

ignoreSameLogInterval (string, optional)

Ignore same log lines more info

image (ImageSpec, optional)

labels (map[string]string, optional)

livenessDefaultCheck (bool, optional)

livenessProbe (*corev1.Probe, optional)

logLevel (string, optional)

metrics (*Metrics, optional)

nodeSelector (map[string]string, optional)

pdb (*PdbInput, optional)

podPriorityClassName (string, optional)

port (int32, optional)

Fluentd port inside the container (24240 by default). The headless service port is controlled by this field as well. Note that the default ClusterIP service port is always 24240, regardless of this field.

readinessDefaultCheck (ReadinessDefaultCheck, optional)

readinessProbe (*corev1.Probe, optional)

resources (corev1.ResourceRequirements, optional)

rootDir (string, optional)

scaling (*FluentdScaling, optional)

security (*Security, optional)

serviceAccount (*typeoverride.ServiceAccount, optional)

sidecarContainers ([]corev1.Container, optional)

Available in Logging operator version 4.5 and later. Configure sidecar container in Fluentd pods, for example: https://github.com/kube-logging/logging-operator/config/samples/logging_logging_fluentd_sidecars.yaml.

statefulsetAnnotations (map[string]string, optional)

tls (FluentdTLS, optional)

tolerations ([]corev1.Toleration, optional)

topologySpreadConstraints ([]corev1.TopologySpreadConstraint, optional)

volumeModImage (ImageSpec, optional)

volumeMountChmod (bool, optional)

workers (int32, optional)


age (string, optional)

enabled (bool, required)

path (string, optional)

size (string, optional)


ExtraVolume defines the fluentd extra volumes

containerName (string, optional)

path (string, optional)

volume (*volume.KubernetesVolume, optional)

volumeName (string, optional)


FluentdScaling enables configuring the scaling behaviour of the fluentd statefulset

drain (FluentdDrainConfig, optional)

podManagementPolicy (string, optional)

replicas (int, optional)


FluentdTLS defines the TLS configs

enabled (bool, required)

secretName (string, optional)

sharedKey (string, optional)


FluentdDrainConfig enables configuring the drain behavior when scaling down the fluentd statefulset

annotations (map[string]string, optional)

Annotations to use for the drain watch sidecar

deleteVolume (bool, optional)

Should persistent volume claims be deleted after draining is done

enabled (bool, optional)

Should buffers on persistent volumes left after scaling down the statefulset be drained

image (ImageSpec, optional)

labels (map[string]string, optional)

Labels to use for the drain watch sidecar on top of labels added by the operator by default. Default values can be overwritten.

pauseImage (ImageSpec, optional)

Container image to use for the fluentd placeholder pod

resources (*corev1.ResourceRequirements, optional)

Available in Logging operator version 4.4 and later. Configurable resource requirements for the drainer sidecar container. Default 20m cpu request, 20M memory limit

securityContext (*corev1.SecurityContext, optional)

Available in Logging operator version 4.4 and later. Configurable security context, uses fluentd pods’ security context by default


maxUnavailable (*intstr.IntOrString, optional)

minAvailable (*intstr.IntOrString, optional)

unhealthyPodEvictionPolicy (*policyv1.UnhealthyPodEvictionPolicyType, optional)