LoggingRouteSpec defines the desired state of LoggingRoute

source (string, required)

Source identifies the logging that this policy applies to

targets (metav1.LabelSelector, required)

Targets refers to the list of logging resources specified by a label selector to forward logs to. Filtering of namespaces will happen based on the watchNamespaces and watchNamespaceSelector fields of the target logging resource.


LoggingRouteStatus defines the actual state of the LoggingRoute

notices ([]string, optional)

Enumerate non-blocker issues the user should pay attention to

noticesCount (int, optional)

Summarize the number of notices for the CLI output

problems ([]string, optional)

Enumerate problems that prohibits this route to take effect and populate the tenants field

problemsCount (int, optional)

Summarize the number of problems for the CLI output

tenants ([]Tenant, optional)

Enumerate all loggings with all the destination namespaces expanded


name (string, required)

namespaces ([]string, optional)


LoggingRoute (experimental) Connects a log collector with log aggregators from other logging domains and routes relevant logs based on watch namespaces

(metav1.TypeMeta, required)

metadata (metav1.ObjectMeta, optional)

spec (LoggingRouteSpec, optional)

status (LoggingRouteStatus, optional)


(metav1.TypeMeta, required)

metadata (metav1.ListMeta, optional)

items ([]LoggingRoute, required)