Sumo Logic Syslog

The sumologic-syslog output sends log records over HTTP to Sumo Logic. For details on the available options of the output, see the documentation of the AxoSyslog syslog-ng distribution.


You need a Sumo Logic account to use this output. For details, see the documentation of the AxoSyslog syslog-ng distribution.



deployment (string, optional)

This option specifies your Sumo Logic deployment.

Default: empty

disk_buffer (*DiskBuffer, optional)

This option enables putting outgoing messages into the disk buffer of the destination to avoid message loss in case of a system failure on the destination side. For details, see the Syslog-ng DiskBuffer options.

Default: false

persist_name (string, optional)

port (int, optional)

This option sets the port number of the Sumo Logic server to connect to.

Default: 6514

tag (string, optional)

This option specifies the list of tags to add as the tags fields of Sumo Logic messages. If not specified, syslog-ng OSE automatically adds the tags already assigned to the message. If you set the tag() option, only the tags you specify will be added to the messages.

Default: tag

token (int, optional)

The Cloud Syslog Cloud Token that you received from the Sumo Logic service while configuring your cloud syslog source.

tls (*TLS, optional)

This option sets various options related to TLS encryption, for example, key/certificate files and trusted CA locations. TLS can be used only with tcp-based transport protocols. For details, see TLS for syslog-ng outputs and the documentation of the AxoSyslog syslog-ng distribution.