Disk buffer

The parameters of the syslog-ng disk buffer. Using a disk buffer on the output helps avoid message loss in case of a system failure on the destination side. For details on how syslog-ng disk buffers work, see the documentation of the AxoSyslog syslog-ng distribution.

compaction (*bool, optional)

Prunes the unused space in the LogMessage representation

dir (string, optional)

Description: Defines the folder where the disk-buffer files are stored.

disk_buf_size (int64, required)

This is a required option. The maximum size of the disk-buffer in bytes. The minimum value is 1048576 bytes.

mem_buf_length (*int64, optional)

Use this option if the option reliable() is set to no. This option contains the number of messages stored in overflow queue.

mem_buf_size (*int64, optional)

Use this option if the option reliable() is set to yes. This option contains the size of the messages in bytes that is used in the memory part of the disk buffer.

q_out_size (*int64, optional)

The number of messages stored in the output buffer of the destination.

reliable (bool, required)

If set to yes, syslog-ng OSE cannot lose logs in case of reload/restart, unreachable destination or syslog-ng OSE crash. This solution provides a slower, but reliable disk-buffer option.