Based on the Redis destination of AxoSyslog core.

Available in Logging operator version 4.4 and later.


kind: SyslogNGOutput
  name: redis
  namespace: default
    port: 6379
    retries: 3
    throttle: 0
    time-reopen: 60
    workers: 1

For details on the available options of the output, see the documentation of the AxoSyslog syslog-ng distribution.


(Batch, required)

Batching parameters

auth (*secret.Secret, optional)

The password used for authentication on a password-protected Redis server.

command (StringList, optional)

Internal rendered form of the CommandAndArguments field

command_and_arguments ([]string, optional)

The Redis command to execute, for example, LPUSH, INCR, or HINCRBY. Using the HINCRBY command with an increment value of 1 allows you to create various statistics. For example, the command("HINCRBY" "${HOST}/programs" "${PROGRAM}" "1") command counts the number of log messages on each host for each program.

Default: ""

disk_buffer (*DiskBuffer, optional)

This option enables putting outgoing messages into the disk buffer of the destination to avoid message loss in case of a system failure on the destination side. For details, see the Syslog-ng DiskBuffer options.

Default: false

host (string, optional)

The hostname or IP address of the Redis server.


log-fifo-size (int, optional)

The number of messages that the output queue can store.

persist_name (string, optional)


port (int, optional)

The port number of the Redis server.

Default: 6379

retries (int, optional)

If syslog-ng OSE cannot send a message, it will try again until the number of attempts reaches retries().

Default: 3

throttle (int, optional)

Sets the maximum number of messages sent to the destination per second. Use this output-rate-limiting functionality only when using disk-buffer as well to avoid the risk of losing messages. Specifying 0 or a lower value sets the output limit to unlimited.

Default: 0

time-reopen (int, optional)

The time to wait in seconds before a dead connection is reestablished.

Default: 60

workers (int, optional)

Specifies the number of worker threads (at least 1) that syslog-ng OSE uses to send messages to the server. Increasing the number of worker threads can drastically improve the performance of the destination.

Default: 1


string-list ([]string, optional)