Troubleshooting syslog-ng

The following sections help you troubleshoot the syslog-ng statefulset component of the Logging operator.

Check syslog-ng pod status (statefulset)

Verify that the syslog-ng statefulset is available using the following command: kubectl get statefulsets

Expected output:

NAME                   READY   AGE
logging-demo-syslogng   1/1     1m


The Logging operator has a builtin mechanism that validates the generated syslog-ng configuration before applying it to syslog-ng. You should be able to see the configcheck pod and its log output. The result of the check is written into the status field of the corresponding Logging resource.

In case the operator is stuck in an error state caused by a failed configcheck, restore the previous configuration by modifying or removing the invalid resources to the point where the configcheck pod is finally able to complete successfully.

Check syslog-ng configuration

Use the following command to display the configuration of syslog-ng: kubectl get secret logging-demo-syslogng-app -o jsonpath="{.data['syslogng\.conf']}" | base64 --decode

Getting Support

If you encounter any problems that the documentation does not address, file an issue or talk to us on Discord or on the CNCF Slack.

Before asking for help, prepare the following information to make troubleshooting faster:

Do not forget to remove any sensitive information (for example, passwords and private keys) before sharing.