EventTailerSpec defines the desired state of EventTailer

containerOverrides (*types.ContainerBase, optional)

Override container fields for the given statefulset

controlNamespace (string, required)

The resources of EventTailer will be placed into this namespace

image (*tailer.ImageSpec, optional)

Override image related fields for the given statefulset, highest precedence

positionVolume (volume.KubernetesVolume, optional)

Volume definition for tracking fluentbit file positions (optional)

workloadOverrides (*types.PodSpecBase, optional)

Override podSpec fields for the given statefulset

workloadMetaOverrides (*types.MetaBase, optional)

Override metadata of the created resources


EventTailerStatus defines the observed state of EventTailer


EventTailer is the Schema for the eventtailers API

(metav1.TypeMeta, required)

metadata (metav1.ObjectMeta, optional)

spec (EventTailerSpec, optional)

status (EventTailerStatus, optional)


EventTailerList contains a list of EventTailer

(metav1.TypeMeta, required)

metadata (metav1.ListMeta, optional)

items ([]EventTailer, required)