Based on the LogScale destination of AxoSyslog core. Sends log records over HTTP to Falcon’s LogScale.


apiVersion: logging.banzaicloud.io/v1beta1
kind: SyslogNGOutput
  name: test-logscale
  namespace: logging
          key: token
          name: logscale-token
    timezone: "UTC"
    batch_lines: 1000
      disk_buf_size: 512000000
      dir: /buffers
      reliable: true


attributes (string, optional)

A JSON object representing key-value pairs for the Event. These key-value pairs adds structure to Events, making it easier to search. Attributes can be nested JSON objects, however, we recommend limiting the amount of nesting.

Default: "--scope rfc5424 --exclude MESSAGE --exclude DATE --leave-initial-dot"

batch_bytes (int, optional)

batch_lines (int, optional)

batch_timeout (int, optional)

body (string, optional)

content_type (string, optional)

This field specifies the content type of the log records being sent to Falcon’s LogScale.

Default: "application/json"

disk_buffer (*DiskBuffer, optional)

This option enables putting outgoing messages into the disk buffer of the destination to avoid message loss in case of a system failure on the destination side. For details, see the Syslog-ng DiskBuffer options.

Default: false

extra_headers (string, optional)

This field represents additional headers that can be included in the HTTP request when sending log records to Falcon’s LogScale.

Default: empty

persist_name (string, optional)

rawstring (string, optional)

The raw string representing the Event. The default display for an Event in LogScale is the rawstring. If you do not provide the rawstring field, then the response defaults to a JSON representation of the attributes field.

Default: empty

timezone (string, optional)

The timezone is only required if you specify the timestamp in milliseconds. The timezone specifies the local timezone for the event. Note that you must still specify the timestamp in UTC time.

token (*secret.Secret, optional)

An Ingest Token is a unique string that identifies a repository and allows you to send data to that repository.

Default: empty

url (*secret.Secret, optional)

Ingester URL is the URL of the Humio cluster you want to send data to.

Default: https://cloud.humio.com