SyslogNGClusterFlow is the Schema for the syslog-ng clusterflows API

(metav1.TypeMeta, required)

metadata (metav1.ObjectMeta, optional)

spec (SyslogNGClusterFlowSpec, optional)

status (SyslogNGFlowStatus, optional)


SyslogNGClusterFlowSpec is the Kubernetes spec for Flows

filters ([]SyslogNGFilter, optional)

globalOutputRefs ([]string, optional)

loggingRef (string, optional)

match (*SyslogNGMatch, optional)

outputMetrics ([]filter.MetricsProbe, optional)

Output metrics are applied before the log reaches the destination and contain output metadata like: name, namespace and scope. Scope shows whether the output is a local or global one. Available in Logging operator version 4.5 and later.


SyslogNGClusterFlowList contains a list of SyslogNGClusterFlow

(metav1.TypeMeta, required)

metadata (metav1.ListMeta, optional)

items ([]SyslogNGClusterFlow, required)