Sends messages from a local network to a S3 (compatible) server. For more information, see the documentation of the AxoSyslog syslog-ng distribution.

Available in Logging operator version 4.4 and later.


apiVersion: logging.banzaicloud.io/v1beta1
kind: SyslogNGOutput
  name: s3
    url: "https://some-s3-compatible-endpoint:8088"
    bucket: "s3bucket-name"
          name: s3
          key: access-key
          name: s3
          key: secret-key
    object_key: "path/to/my-logs/${HOST}"

For available macros like $PROGRAM and $HOST, see the documentation of the AxoSyslog syslog-ng distribution.


access_key (*secret.Secret, optional)

The access_key for the S3 server.

bucket (string, optional)

The bucket name of the S3 server.

canned_acl (string, optional)

Set the canned_acl option.

chunk_size (int, optional)

Set the chunk size.

Default: 5MiB

compresslevel (int, optional)

Set the compression level (1-9).

Default: 9

compression (*bool, optional)

Enable or disable compression.

Default: false

flush_grace_period (int, optional)

Set the number of seconds for flush period.

Default: 60

log-fifo-size (int, optional)

The number of messages that the output queue can store.

max_object_size (int, optional)

Set the maximum object size size.

Default: 5120GiB

max_pending_uploads (int, optional)

Set the maximum number of pending uploads.

Default: 32

object_key (string, optional)

The object_key for the S3 server.

object_key_timestamp (RawString, optional)

Set object_key_timestamp

persist_name (string, optional)


region (string, optional)

Set the region option.

retries (int, optional)

The number of times syslog-ng OSE attempts to send a message to this destination. If syslog-ng OSE could not send a message, it will try again until the number of attempts reaches retries, then drops the message.

secret_key (*secret.Secret, optional)

The secret_key for the S3 server.

storage_class (string, optional)

Set the storage_class option.

template (RawString, optional)


throttle (int, optional)

Sets the maximum number of messages sent to the destination per second. Use this output-rate-limiting functionality only when using disk-buffer as well to avoid the risk of losing messages. Specifying 0 or a lower value sets the output limit to unlimited.

Default: 0

upload_threads (int, optional)

Set the number of upload threads.

Default: 8

url (string, optional)

The hostname or IP address of the S3 server.