Mattermost plugin for Fluentd


Sends logs to Mattermost via webhooks. More info at

Example output configurations


     webhook_url: https://xxx.xx/hooks/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
     channel_id: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
     message_color: "#FFA500"
     enable_tls: false


Output Config

webhook_url (*secret.Secret, required)

webhook_url Incoming Webhook URI (Required for Incoming Webhook mode).

Default: -

channel_id (string, optional)

channel_id the id of the channel where you want to receive the information.

Default: -

message_color (string, optional)

message_color color of the message you are sending, the format is hex code.

Default: #A9A9A9

message_title (string, optional)

message_title title you want to add to the message.

Default: fluent_title_default

message (string, optional)

message The message you want to send, can be a static message, which you add at this point, or you can receive the fluent infos with the %s

Default: -

enable_tls (*bool, optional)

enable_tls you can set the communication channel if it uses tls.

Default: true

ca_path (*secret.Secret, optional)

ca_path you can set the path of the certificates.

Default: -